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Tree-beekeeping Workshop in Poland: 14th to 16th of April 2023

Tree-beekeeping workshop in Augustow Forest
We invite You for the Treebeekeeping workshops in Augustow Forest!
Place of workshop:
Date of Workshop: 14-16.04.2023
The workshop include log making using a chainsaw and traditional tools and hanging one of the ready log on the tree, as well as first spring inspection of settled tree hives. The work will be carried out under the supervision of two experienced tree-beekeepers. Piotr and Pawel (English/Russian/Polish speakers). In addition to log making, participants will learn about the trees suitable for making tree-hives, learn how to choose a suitable place to hang a log-hive, how to attract swarms to Your log/tree hive, and gain basic skills in the use of leziwo – traditional rope’s with seat used by tree bee-keepers in the area of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The workshop would be held in Leśniczówce Lipiny, just walk distancef from our tree-hive’s deep in Augustow Forrest.
Cost: 320 EUR / person including accommodation, insurance, breakfast and lunch.
Also each participant can take out the log made during the workshop, or left it for our community.
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More details on email and questions:

by phone:
0048 601 542 516

Reserve the place for You for this exceptional workshop! Sign up for our Workshop now!

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