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Tree-beekeeping strategy

Few expression from last workshop at Naliboki Forest. Of course full relation would be published  later on, but few information is worth sheering separately – the tree-beekeeping strategy in swampy forest’s of Belarus.  Ivan Mulin, our tree-beekeeper from Naliboki forest create and hanged on the tree’s this year about 10 small log hives. Why? This is an old tree-beekeepers strategy still used by some individuals on Belarus. Where ‚bortnik’ create 2 kinds of hives, one dedicated for honey, and others for swarms.  The smaller one are dedicated for catching swarm’s, the cavity of them is lower than standard logs so they make bee’s swarm more often than usual then fly away and look for a new home.

Preparing swarming hives. Fot Fratrum Mellicidarum


They are localized around territory (outside ring) where normal size log-hives are putted on the trees and tree platforms. Of course we talking about area of several square km, where logs and tree-platform are scatter across the territory. On each platform are localizeted up to 3 logs, then some others standing separately on the tree’s. But how to choose a place for placing an log or platform?
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