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17/07/2019 admin

Learning from the Bees, conference Berlin 2019

We want to interest You in one great initiative that our friend organizing in Berlin at the end of summer:

Learning from the Bees conference would take place in Berlin starting from 29th of August.  Fratrum is part of this project, and we will help with the workshop and spreading the idea of what we do, because…

When you attend Learning from the Bees, you’ll become a scout bee.
You’ll hear about innovative projects, new research, ways to ignite your inner activist, how to contribute to ecosystem regeneration, and much more. You’ll meet the experts, engage with other attendees, and share your own stories. We’ll also equip you with ideas, best practices, tools, and resources, so that when you go home, like a scout, you can waggle-dance within your community, thus spreading bee-centric beekeeping far and wide.

Learning from the Bees | Berlin 2019 is the second in a series of conferences dedicated to bees, founded by the Natural Beekeeping Trust in 2018. This edition, comprised of a two-day Zeidlerei workshop plus two-day bee-centric conference, strives to spark cross-disciplinary dialogue among beekeepers, foresters, farmers, and others. During the conference, we will address the question, „How can we, together, envision an alternative future for beekeeping that’s more aligned with Nature and informed by what the bees need?”

The sign up at:




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