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26/01/2022 admin

Help us create Museum of Tree-beekeeping Culture

From 6 month we work to create Museum of Treebeekeeping Culture in Augustów, now when our work is almost finished we need to ask You for the support.

Help us finish the exhibition and infrastructure of the museum. Museum is an joint venture of our Brotherhood, Non Profit Enterprise Bartnicy Sp. z o.o. supported financially by Augustów Meadery. We work hard to create the place wchih complecity show the idea of tree-beekeeping and explain all aspects connected with keeping bees in the trees. Will show what the tree-beekeeping culture is about, and how we work witch forest bees. Also will explain that tree-beekeeping is not an outdated practice but important part of our selfidentity and way to preserve biodiveristy and feral bees (dark bee – apis mellifera mellifera)

We create fundraising campaign on main Polish Founddrising page:

We invite You to support our project by;

Pay Pall ;

Or traditional wire transfer with title: donation – museum

IBAN PL 14 1090 2789 0000 0001 3097 4267

Bractwo Bartne

Frącki 8A, 16-506 Giby

KRS: 0000568323 | REGON: 362092361 | NIP: 8442355371

We thank You for any support!

Thanks to our work, Treebeekeeping culture is part of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
First elements of the exhibition. Fot. Bractwo Bartne
Background and lights were made in 2021. Fot. Bractwo Bartne
First exhibits with tree-hive pieces, wild nesting site and others are at place. Fot. Bractwo Bartne
Foyer of the Museum. Fot. Bractwo Bartne
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